My name is Rachel Sheahan and I am the owner and operator of Scissor West. My father, Michael Tarry, has taught me everything I know about scissors as he has been sharpening for the hairdressers of Perth for over 24 years.

My background is in customer service, and I enjoyed many and varied jobs before establishing Scissor West in March 2015.

I have worked in pharmacy, on a mine site in the Pilbara, in civil construction and most recently in human resources. I was searching for a challenge and wanted to learn something that is of use. I found both of those things in Scissor West!

I am passionate about helping people any way I can, and having sharp scissors that work well and fit your hand properly is one way I can make your life easier.

If you would like to know more about how to get your scissors serviced or get advice on how to choose a new pair, please contact me – I would love to speak to you!